AtLRG Says
AtLRG Architecture Inc. is founded on the principle that design excellence is rooted in every project making a positive contribution to the community. Large or small, permanent or ephemeral, each work of architecture is an opportunity to serve, to elevate, and to enrich the lives of people and the fabric of an ever-changing built environment. We regard built form and space as instigators of ideas, with the goal of inducing pause, inspiring reaction, and inciting response. This is the attitude we bring to our work.

We believe in strengthening community by fostering a strong sense of place and identity through deep understanding of context. We believe the unique social, and economic ecologies of our city are to be celebrated as drivers of a distinct culture of architecture. We believe that the experience of architecture should be accessible and enjoyable by all. We are committed to creating architecture that is environmentally responsible, sustainable, and enduring.

We bring to our work a rationalist, minimalist approach rooted in a desire to achieve more with less, viewing constraints as grounds for innovation that will create opportunities for boldness and excitement. Through thoughtful analysis of program we seek to introduce unconventional typological, spatial and material solutions that elevate functional and experiential qualities above expectations. Our goal is to consistently meet or exceed requirements and deliver projects that transform the mundane and familiar into something truly engaging.

AtLRG believes in working to project budgets, first through analysis and of the client’s needs and resources, and then through continual tracking and re-assessment of the design to ensure the proposal is on target, prior to entering in tender and construction phases. We actively seek out opportunities in each project to maximize synergies and potentials that will bring added value to our clients.